Where to eat in Suldal in Ryfylke

Enjoy a bite to eat in Suldal – everyday meals as well as gourmet luxury!

Ryfylke Fjordhotel in Sand
The restaurant at Ryfylke Fjordhotel is right on the waterfront in Sand and has a fabulous view to the small craft harbour, the fjord and the mountains. Talented cooks prepare excellent meals and can serve everything from traditional Norwegian cooking to exclusive gourmet dinners. Tel.: +47 52 79 27 00.

Fargeriet Kafé in Sand
Fargeriet Kafé is located on Gata – the main street of Sand – serving coffee and cakes, lunch and dinner. Every Thursday the guests can look forward to the local potato dumplings. The café also does catering.
Tel.: +47 52 79 74 05.

Kulp Kafè in Sand
Kulp Kafè is located in Næringsparken på Garaneset. The Kafé is serving coffee and cakes, lunch and dinner. The café also does catering.
Tel: 95 15 32 32

Brunsj is located in the Suldal Cultural Centre, Sand. The Kafé is serving lunch, sushi, coffee, and is also doing catering.
Tel: 484 48 980

Energihotellet at Nesflaten
Energihotellet hosts conferences and can offer delicious food based on local produce. They have an excellent wine cellar. Group reservations.
Tel.: +47 52 20 05 55.

Mo Laksegard in Sand
Mo Laksegard can offer excellent local food and are licensed to serve alcohol. They also have a private brewery. Group reservations.
Tel.: +47 52 79 76 90.

Gullingen Turistsenter at Gullingen
Gullingen Turistsenter café is open to dinner guests every Sunday from February to October. Reservations can be made by individuals and groups all year round. Gullingen Turistsenter also does catering.
Tel.: +47 52 79 99 01.