Ryfylkedagane (The Ryfylke days) in Suldal

Welcome to Ryfylkedagane in Sand in Suldal!
Ryfylkedagane (the Ryfylke days) is an annual event one of the first weekends in June, and takes place mainly in Sand centre.
Ryfylkedagane are primarily business related activities with a busy market day in the main street of Sand.
In addition, there are activities for children and grown ups at the Ryfylke Museum, at the Cultural Centre, in the street and elsewhere in Suldal. This is a contribution to making the arrangement more attractive to visitors.
The enterprise has grown into a popular tradition and a flourishing meeting place for people from Suldal, hut owners and visitors.

In 2011, Ryfylkedagene will take place from 2. to 5. June.