Attractions in Suldal

Høsebrua at Sand Waterfall - National Tourist Route Ryfylke. Rintala Eggertsson Arkiekter Foto: Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto

Most of the sights in Suldal are related to nature, culture and history.
Ryfylkemuseet (The Ryfylke Museum) has several local branches in Suldal, among others the rural museum Kolbeinstveit, the cotter’s farm Røynevarden – and Erfjord’s grandest farm called Hålandstunet.
At Sandsfossen you can visit one of the first Salmon Studios in Norway and watch the salmon and trout on their way up the river to spawn.
In Sand, we recommend a stop at Suldal Cultural Centre where there is a broad variety of cultural events throughout the year.

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The Salmon Studio, Sand

Blåsjø reservoir

Other Highlights

The Lovrafjord- A great viewpoint along the National Tourist Route Ryfylke.

The Hylsfjord- The Hylsfjord Steep mountains and the deep fjord make for an unforgettable experience.

Flesåno- A waterfall in the beautiful valley Brattlandsdalen.

Perskårfossen falls at Gullingen- Time for a refreshing shower! The trail goes right up to the falls!10–15 minute walk.

Hylsskardet- An ancient thoroughfare between eastern and western Norway. A rewarding 15-minute walk takes you up to the mountain pass.

Suldalsporten- A characteristic mountain by Suldalsvatnet lake.

Suldalsvatnet- Known for great fishing – many of its trout are big enough to provide quite a challenge!

Suldalslågen- One of the best salmon rivers in the region. Every year large salmon swim upriver to their spawning areas.


Nesasjøhuset in Sand (The Ryfylke Museum)

The old boat (jekt) "Brødrene at Sand" (The Ryfylke Museum)

The old farmstead Kolbeinstveit (The Ryfylke Museum)

The coastal town of Jelsa, Jelsa Church and the School Museum(The Ryfylke Museum)

Hålandstunet Farmstead in Erfjord (The Ryfylke Museum)

Røynevarden (The Ryfylke museum)

Litunet ( The Ryfylke Museum)

Kvednahola, between Ritland and Vasshus (The Ryfylke Museum)


National Tourist Route Ryfylke

Architecture and hydropower at Nesflaten

Suldal Cultural Centre, Sand

Cultural attractions

The Rose Hut, Løland in Vanvik

"Invisible" art in the centre of Sand"

The stone monument at Hebnes

Iron Age graves at Ritland