Fishing in Suldal

Fishing in the river
Suldal has to rivers where you can fish for salmon and trout: Suldaslågen and Hålandselva. The latter ends in Hålandsosen in Erfjord, and the salmon can only ascend if there is sufficient water. Suldalslågen is a fairly constant stream flowing 22 km down the Suldal Valley to end in Sandsfjorden. In Suldalslågen you can fish both salmon and trout.
The fishing season for trout is from 1. May to 30. September.
The fishing season for salmon is from 20. July to 30. September.

If you want to fish in Suldaslågen or in Hålandselva, you need a national fishing licence and a fishing card. The fishing licence can be bought at the post office. If you want to buy a fishingcard - please contact the Tourist Information for more information.

Fishing in the sea
If you want to fish in the fjord, you don't need a fishing card.

Fishing in fresh water
If you want to fish in the fresh waters in Suldal you have to buy a fishing card. You can buy these fishing card at the Tourist Information. The Tourist Information also has information about where you can fish.

Rent a boat
If you want to rent a boat - please contact the Tourist Information.