”Invisible” art in the centre of Sand

Two artists have been painting glow-in-the-dark pictures in the centre of Sand, using using UV-R light revealing paint. You can only see the pictures with help of a special blacklight torch.

Gather friends and family, wait for the dark, and see how many pictures you can find.

To give you a clue to get you started, they have painted a boat on one of the walls of the museum.
Other pictures are spread out along the way from the museum to the boat harbour. They are all on white or light coloured buildings, and none of the buildings we’ve painted are private houses. There are seven pictures in total.

The work is made by the scottish artists Elaine Allison and Patricia Bray. They were in Suldal on a two month artists´s residency in 2007. The project is part of Kunstnarprosjekt Suldal and Stavanger 2008 – City of Culture.