Rasmus Løland (1861–1907), an author of children’s books, was born in Vanvik at Hylsfjorden. The childhood home, a cluster of several buildings called «Lølandstunet», is more or less the same as when Rasmus Løland grew up. The Rose Hut, located at the very centre of the «tun», was built for pleasure and entertaining guests. Most likely the hut was constructed by skilled church builders in about 1650, and stands out as an important cultural-historic building in Rogaland. It is uncertain if it was decorated as early as 1650, but today’s decor is from 1798 and painted by Lars Aslaksen Trageton from Hallingdal. (Later on he lived in Nedstrand by the sea.) The building was commissioned by the big and mighty Torjus Hadlesen Løland, who owned half of ecclesiastical Sauda and surrounding property. The Rose Hut was scheduled as a historical monument in 1923.

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