Nesasjøhuset (The Ryfylke Museum)

If you walk to Nordenden in Sand, you will find Nesasjøhuset-museum, a restored building from 1850. Nesasjøhuset is the head office of The Ryfylke Museum.

Do not miss the exhibition “Kvitebjørnen” (the White Bear) , an thrilling experience for children. There will also be a summer exhibition.


In the museum store you will find books and brochures, local literature, various arts and crafts from Ryfylke, in addition to jewelry and glass articles. The museum runs a little café, offering soft drinks, ice cream, coffee and cakes.

Open to booked groups outside normal opening hours. Please contact the
Ryfylke Museum on tel:(+47) 52 79 29 50
for more information, or visit

All year round:
Monday – Friday 9 am – 3 pm.

Summer 2013
1/6-14/6: kl. 10 am - 5 pm every day
15/6-18/8: kl. 10 am - 6 pm every day 
19/8-31/8: kl. 10 am - 5 pm every day  

Adults: 50 NOK
Children under 16 years free