Kolbeinstveit old farmstead (The Ryfylkemuseum)

Kolbeinstveit is a grand farm from the 1850's. The oldest preserved in Rogaland - Guggedalsloftet from in Rogaland - is located here. This is a living museum in the summertime. This is a living musum in the summertime, fully staffed and with lots of animal to create a genuine atmosphere. The children will enjoy this! The old steam ship Suldalsdampen lies on the bank of Suldalsvatnet, ready for excursions. The permanent exhibition describes how people used to live and work on the farm. In the barn, each day at 13:00 and 15:00, you can enjoy a film showing old fashioned working methods in Suldal, ca. ½ hour. There is a small lunch menu, coffee and cakes. You can also spend the night in the open loft.

Open to booked groups all year round. Please contact Ryfylkemuseet on +47 52 79 29 50.

Summer 2010 (19. June – 15. August): Tuesday – Sunday 11 am – 17 pm.

Adults: 40 NOK
Children under 16 years free